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Support for Learning


Support for Learning

The members of the Support for Learning department work alongside the pupils, staff and parents of Eastbank Academy and its associated schools, to identify and address barriers to engagement for all learners.  Together with support from specialist agencies, such as Glasgow Dyslexia Support Services, Visual Impairment Inclusion Support Services and the English as an Additional Language Support Service to enhance the learning experience of all young people.

The department supports teaching in learning in a number of ways:

·         In class support – particularly in our Nurture Rooms where all S1 pupils can access additional support during English, Mathematics and Profiling lessons

·         Development of resources – working with class teachers to develop differentiated resources which assist young people to gradually build the skills they need for independent and successful lives

·         Many of our pupils who would have used a reader and scribe in the past when sitting exams, now work independently, accessing technology to help them gain confidence and achieve success independent of adult intervention. Pupils are coached on using text to speech and keyboard skills are developed to encourage speed and accuracy when typing.

·         The department carries out lots of 1:1 and small group support work, particularly in the lower school.  The team focus on building skills for independent learning.  As young people progress through the years at the academy, they become less dependent on intervention and more confident in applying the skills and techniques they have developed to overcome what were previously barriers to success.

·         Pupils who prefer a quiet place to go, are welcomed to our @8:30 and Interval Chill Zones, where support staff are happy to chat or play board games.

·         Senior pupils support the work of the department by running a Study Buddy scheme – meeting with S1 pupils once a week and coaching them to further develop literacy and numeracy skills.